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In the second semester of freshmen year, in web graphics I had a common task to create a website with information and an animation about a subject we choose, then we have to find information and use it to construct a website using Dreamweaver and adobe flash. First we had to create a plan of attack that would be the outline we were to follow in order to make a good website. After that was approved I created my flash which consisted of a beats logo turning into a stereo and vibrating to show the power of a beats stereo.

This common task helped my ability to gather information and also put together a website. Overall I felt my website was very well made and that I did a swell job on creating it but some things I could work on would be learning how to figure things out on my own, and how to make a more complex flash animation. Thank you for listening to my babble and hope you enjoy the rest of the website.

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Home Types Information Works Cited
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