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In this common task for Web Graphics, I had to create and complete a website about any topic we wanted to by using Dreamweaver.  In addition to choosing a topic, we had to create an animation using flash. I choose the Boston Celtics and decided to create website about general team information and history.  To achieve proficiency on this common task, I had to remember everything that I learned from the beginning of the years including flash and Dreamweaver and every element to each program. For this website, my flash included two parts. The first part included a basketball turning into the word “Celtics”, while the second part was a basketball player who was shooting a basketball. This flash is located on the first page.  To insert the flash, we had to recall how to insert a flash into Dreamweaver.  After inserting the flash, I had to create the other parts of the elements such as the webpages and research needed to complete these certain pages.  This is was convenient because I could conduct all my research from one particular website which was very helpful.  In addition to creating the websites, it was essential to have all the websites link and connect to each other and to the appropriate page. 

This project helped my ability to research and gather certain information for a particular subject. Altogether, I felt that my project was very well done and put together in an organized way. Although I felt like I did a good job I still believe I could improve in some areas such as my flash and creativity. This project was very fun and I thought it was very helpful because it helped me remember what I learned throughout the entire year. I hope everybody enjoyed my webiste.