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Peter Durkin 
Web Design
Mr. Herz
7 June 2013

The Beatles: A Website

             Can you honestly say that you have gotten the chance to create a website? Well now that I

have taken Web Graphics and Design this semester, I can. For this Common Task I created an

informational website for the famous band “The Beatles”. I used Adobe Dreamweaver to crate my site

which includes a home page, a member’s page that linked to four other pages for the members (John

Lennon, Paul Mccartney George Harrison, Ringo Starr), a albums page, and an awards page along

with a works cited page and a reflection page. I used all the skills I learned this semester including

creating a flash which made me use my skills in making classic tweens and using key frames, as well as

using the shape tool. I acquired skills like be able to create tables and link pictures in Dreamweaver.

This task was importance of this task is the fact that it made much more “tech savvy” than I was before

I entered this class. I did have some trouble in this task. I had issues with making all the pages link

correctly together, which took me some time to fix. I fixed this by making a link to the home page on al

l the pages which I was the problem that I had to figure out the hard way. The completion of this task

will help me in future assignments in which I must use the computer. Even if it doesn’t include using

Dreamweaver or flash, the experience on the computer will help me in using more complex programs

than word or powerpoint.