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Patrick is SpongeBob's best friend who he has known since they were babies and they cherish their relationship very much. This sea star is a very lazy, funny, dumb, ignorant, unmannered character that eats a lot, especially at the Krusty Krab. He lives a house down from SpongeBob under a rock on 120 Conch Street, Bikini Bottom.

Patrick doesn't have a nose so he can't smell. There is even an episode, called "No Nose Knows" made about how he gets a nose through plastic surgery, but his sense of smell bothers the whole town so they plot to remove it. By the end he goes back to no-smelling Patrick again.

In another episode, "Battle for Bikini Bottom," Patrick is able to just grow a nose out of nowhere, which disappears later. Patrick has very little common sense and is easily persuaded, which is displayed through the stupid actions he does that cause trouble for both himself and his friends throughout the whole show history. He has many aliases including Patricia, The Elastic Waistband, King Patrick, The Pink Patty, and Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick. Though most of the time he is known to his family, friends, citizens of Bikini Bottom, and his many fans simply as Patrick.