Home Page ~ History ~ Characters ~ Works Cited

When you’re researching for a paper do you ever wonder how the website your accessing information from was created? In the process of completing this task I learned that by creating a website of my own on the show SpongeBob Squarepants. For this common task I had to create a website with a minimum of seven pages, which had to include a Home Page, a Works Cited page, a Reflection page, and a flash that we created. I demonstrated the skills of coding, time- management, flash creation, information seeking, Works Cited creation, and site designing so that it intrigued my intended audience.  To learn all of the skills needed to complete this task we spent a good amount of class time learning how to code a webpage, learning how to make a webpage on Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, and creating many different flashes. This common task is very important to be able to complete because I may have to create a website to advertise a business in the future. Plus knowing how to use these programs can really help me out in college, especially knowing how to code.

The most helpful thing we created was the copy of a flash, where we found a gif and copied it to the best of our abilities. To complete this website, I had to make a plan of attack to know how many pages the site was going to have, how they were going to be organized, and what would be on each page. Then I wrote a plan for my flash, which I completed before working on my website. After the completion of my flash I opened Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 and started to create my website. I used my knowledge of making pages, adding tables, inserting images, and linking images and text. I acquired new knowledge of working with the page properties to add a background image or color and to center tables and images on the page. During the creation I searched information that I needed to put on each page and cited the websites that I got them from. I also had to link each picture and add the citation of each image to my Works Cited page. The only images that I didn’t link were the titles of each page, which I made in the website called cooltext.com. This website was a text generator that I made each personalized title for each page with and cited in my Works Cited. During the completion of my website the hardest part to me was creating the flash because I had to come up with it on my own and then create it. It took a lot of hard work in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Adobe Flash Professional CS5, but once I knew what I was going to create it was easy to make my flash work the way I wanted it to from my prior knowledge and experience in those programs. It was easy to design the website because I already created a plan of attack and I was very knowledgeable on my topic.

The completion of this common task has helped me as a student because it taught me how to manage my time on projects. I learned this by getting a lot of work done in class so, and if I didn’t have enough time in class I would work on this outside of the class to make sure I met the deadline. I intend on using all of the skills I improved on during this task in college and in my future career when I have to compile information for a paper, cite evidence I used, and managing my time for anything like studying or completing a lab/ project.