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Sandy Cheeks is a squirrel from Texas who decided to move to Bikini Bottom and live in an underwater treedome. She is a brilliant scientist and an inventor, even though sometimes her experiments explode. Once, in the episode “Chimps Ahoy,” her bosses come to visit her to check on her progress.  She has to invent something for them and almost loses her treedome because she was having trouble doing that.

What Sandy loves is doing karate with SpongeBob, one of her closest friends. She acts like a stereotypical cowgirl most of the time with her accent and how she says "howdy" and "y'all." She expresses her Texas origin throughout the show by going to a rodeo, singing country, and wearing cowboy hats and boots occasionally.

Sandy shows her love for Texas the most i the episode "Texas," where she becomes homesick and almost leaves Bikini Bottom. Since Sandy is a squirrel she has to hibernate and in the episode "Pre-hibernation week" she goes nuts trying to do a bunch of extreme activities before she has to hibernate.

This shows how extremely active she is and that she is very strong. She also proves her strength in a weightlifting contest with her friend Larry the Lobster. Sandy is very tough and well-rounded, though she can be crazy and competitive sometimes, she is very inspiring to girls everywhere.