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Frogs are seen almost everywhere, as they reside in rain-forests, ordinary forests, and caves. They can also be seen in deserts and on mountaintops. The best places for frogs to live are places which are muddy and have lot of bugs. An interesting fact about frogs is that they have an extensible tongue which has a sticky surface, and they can flick it quickly to catch a bug when it is resting on a leaf or flying.
Frogs are mostly seen in swamps, marshes, ditches, streams and puddles, as these places have mud and insects. Frogs spend most of their time on the land, but are mostly around some or the other body of water. Frogs breathe and drink from their skin, and thus their skin is always wet.

Frogs form an important part of the ecosystem as they feed on bugs, and are food for many predators. Due to the chemical pollution and the destruction of wetlands for construction and industrial purposes, there is a decline in the amount of inahbitable habitats for frogs.

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