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Frogs mean good luck. There was one myth that dealt with the idea that bullfrogs were the animal who can suck all the misquitos out of one room. Folklorists said that, "If the first frog you see in spring is sitting on dry ground, it means that during the same year you will shed as many tears as the frog would require to swim away." If the first frog is in water, you'll experience misfortune all year. If the first frog that you see all year jumps toward you, you will have many friends that year, but if he hops away, you will lose friends. Some people associate frogs and toads with demons or devils.
Indian Indians believed that frogs represent thunder in the sky. The word "frog" meant "cloud" in Sanskrit.
China The Chinese say that when eclipses happen, the "frog in the moon" tries to swallow the moon.

The French sometimes are called "frogs". Back in the eighteenth century, when Paris was surrounded by swamps, the French nobility that would visit Versailles apparently tended to refer to Parisians as "frogs" because of the swampy surroundings in the country.
Other people have heard that a frog was on the French Flag before the Fleur de Lis was adopted when King Clovis took the throne.

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