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Tia Browning


Web Design

11 June 2013

Creating a Website Reflection

In Web Graphic class, we did a common task on creating websites. To make the website, we had to make a flash animation and a website with at least eight different web pages.  The entire website had to be on the subject that I chose just before. Before we started the task, we had to make many different websites so that I could practice for this task. In this task, I learned that making a flash animation is really difficult and complicated. Creating a website is easy, but adding the information is tough. The skills that I needed to know were making a website and designing flash animations. The skills that I learned were really important so that I could make a decent website.

When we were creating the website, we had to follow a process. First, we had to pick a topic (I chose frogs as my topic). After I chose my topic, I had to make a plan of what was going to be on my website. After I made a plan, I had to make a flash plan. After, I used my plan to make me flash. Then I made the website about frogs. The obstacles I encountered were confronted while making the flash. I kept on deleting the flash I made, because I wanted to make it perfect. I solved my problem by not worrying about perfection, and I decided to just get it done. This task helped me to understand web design by making me design a website.  

After completing this task, I understand how to make my own website. In the future if I decide to create a website, I have the knowledge I need. Also, I might have to make a website for a project in school someday. Because of this task, I will be able to do that fast and easily. I also have some new knowledge about frogs.

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