David Koutsogiane

Mr. Herz

Web Design

11 June 2013

Web Design

Before web design class, I was not aware of how many functions a computer could do. Dreamweaver enabled me to create my very own website. My task was to create an informational website that is compiled with eight individual pages. In order for me to have been able to create my website, I practiced using the functions of dreamweaver through out my web design course. In the course we learned how to create a website and I used these prior skills I learned, before my website, to complete this task. Some of the skills I aquired that I expressed in this project were features like adding a background picture to each web page in the page properties, adding a table from under the Insert bar, and linking each of my pages to eachother by linking the page file to whatever other page I needed it too. Without these skills, I would not be able to create my website and have it function properly. To complete my website, I brainstormed a website plan of attack as a pre-plan for what I was gonna create and have in my website pages. I did not encounter any problems while completeing this task. This task helped me understand Web Design because it enabled me to learn how to create a website correctly. This task represents Web Design thoroughly. This task has fostered independent thinking for me as a student because it challenged me to think critically to be able to know what to do. When figuring out how to link each of the pages to eachother, I had to use critical thinking to know how to drag the link icon to the appropriate page that I wanted to link too. In the future, if I want to pursuit an accupation in Web Design, this task and the concepts that I learned from I would help me.