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Janelle Schartner
Mr. Herz
Web Design/5B
10 June 2013

Creating a Website Reflection

In the common task, Creating a Website, I chose a topic and researched it to create a website the proper way and create a flash animation that would go on my website. To learn how to create a website, I was taught by Mr. Herz about Dreamweaver and how it’s a great tool in constructing a website. In Dreamweaver I could insert at table and then use the rows to write my information and put pictures in it in an organized way. Dreamweaver was totally a new thing for me as well as all of the stuff we learned in web design at the beginning of the class, but as the semester went on all of the skills I needed to learn to prep me for this task were taught to me. The skills that I had to acquire to complete this task was to learn how to create a website by adding tables, links, website plans, using my time wisley, and much more. Also, I had to learn how to do some stuff on flash that I would have to add to my website. The importance of these skills for this task is so that I was able to create the website the proper way. On the other hand, I came along some problems along the way, one including creating my flash animation. While creating my flash I had it all set up of what I wanted to do but ultimately, my idea was a fail and my flash would not work no matter what I did to try and fix it. To fix this problem, I decided to start over and do a new flash from the beginning with the time I had left. This task helped me understand Web Design because I now understand what website creators go through to create the websites and sometimes your ideas work or they fail, but you just have to keep working at it. All in all, this task helped me as a student because now if I have to create a website in the future I would now be able to use the skills I learned in helping me with a project in other classes.