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Maggie O’Connell

Mr. Herz

Web Graphics and Design

3 June 2013

Creating a Website Task Reflection

Did you know that before I took the class “Web Graphics and Design” I knew nothing about computers let alone make a website! This tasked required me to make a website and Flash animationbased on a topic of my choice. Leading up to this task; we had to complete many in-class assignments to create muscle memory of theprocess in making websites. We also did a lot of workwith the Adobe Flash application including messing around, projects, and everyday class work. While doing thistask, I have acquired the skill of making a flash animation and constructing a website on Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. These skills are important because if I decide to have a careerin my life that involves a lot of technology, it will be useful to know how to operate the computer systems and applications. This task consisted of first, choosing a topic to base your website on. Second, I had to create an original flash (also based on my chosen topic). Third, we had to create a website with at least eight pages, a couple linked pictures, a reflection, a Works Cited page withlinked citations, and with the flash we made connected to the website as well. Lastly, we had to make sure all of our links were linked correctly etc. During this process, some obstacles included mylack of common sense and basic knowledge of computer applications etc. while trouble shooting theerrors I usually I asked for assistance from my computer teacher Mr. Herz. This task helped me understand Web Design because it made me practice the steps I need to follow to create a web-pageand an animation on Adobe Flash Professional CS5 and Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. The completionof this task has helped my memory of certain steps in designing a website and helped me better understand how websites, HTML codes, and animations work and how to make them all. I anticipate using these skills for things like my exam, upcoming projects, and possibly just enjoyment here and there.

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