For this task, we had to build a website on a topic of our choice. I chose to build a website all about guitar. I learned everything that I needed to know from the textbook and Mr. Herz's teachings. I acquired the skills of how to plan and build a website using Dreamweaver. I learned how to use Dreamweaver even more during this task. These skills are important because I could use them in the real world. I first planned what I was going to do, then I did it. I learned that website plans are very important. There were no serious obstacles when building the site but coloring the site was a bit tricky. I trouble shooted them by keeping calm and carrying on. This task taught me all about what web design really is and what building a website is like. This task has helped me as a student because I am now much more knowledgeable in computers. I wish that I could do this task again!