Brendan Moricas
Mr. Herz
Web Graphics and Design
28 May 2015
Learning Reflection
In Web Graphics and Design class, I completed a website based on whatever topic I desired; that topic was Sky High Trampoline Park. In this task I had to create a website with at least 8 navigation bars that link to other parts of the website. I also, had to include a flash animation that relates to my topic, for that flash animation I created a kid doing flips on a trampoline. Lastly, I had to include four objects, these objects were pictures. There was a very long process used to fully grasp the content for this task. To begin, the first time I worked with Dreamweaver was in the beginning of the year when I created a website about clouds. Then, the next assignments got more and more complicated, all the way up until I created Sky high Trampoline Park. Some previous skills I used was witnessing other completed websites on the internet or previous sites students made in Mr. Herz’s class, and studying the layout used and where to put pictures and text. Some skills that I demonstrated during this task was finding the appropriate pictures to include in the website. Also, my writing abilities while adding text to each link on the website. These skills were important because without the appropriate pictures, most of the content would not have made sense, and without good writing skills, there would not be a good statement that hooks the readers in and make them want to visit my park. There was a rather complicated process I used to complete this website. This process was, first, creating a website plan on a Word document. This was the layout of the entire website. After including all the content on the plan, other aspects like the Flash animation and other optional features. On the other hand, there were a couple of obstacles that I encountered during the process. One obstacle was created a search bar so customers can search any word or topic they want on the website. In order to figure this out, I researched how it’s done and watched videos about it. In all, this task did help me understand a lot about Web Design. This is because now I understand how to make a brief website, this will help me in the future because I can use these skills as a way to present topics other than using PowerPoint or Prezi. In conclusion, completing this task has absolutely helped me as a student because it opened the world of websites and now I know how to create and manage one. I anticipate using these skills in the future by creating websites to present projects and also be able to create them for companies.