In the Little League World Series, the age restriction is from 11-13 years old.

The Evoution of the Little League World Series

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A group in Williamsports, PA create the tournement becasue they wanted to expand Little League and create a fun and competitive summer event.










The Little League World Series, also know as "LLWS", is a world-wide event that select teams travel to the rurual town of Williamsport, Pennsylvania to compete for the title of the Little League World champion. 16 teams compete for this title, 8 teams from the US, and 8 other teams from around the world. The tournement last 10 days in late August. This tournement started in the 40's as a small comminutiy event and grew to what it as to today. Thousands and thousand of people come to Howard J. Lamade Statium to watch the teams battle it out. The Little League World Series, from my own experience, is one of the greatest trips if you love baseball.