The internet has became a major part of society and webpages are getting bigger and better. In this task, we had to create a website,with atleast 8 pages including a reflection and work cited page, on a topic we like. I did my task on the Little League World Series. One skill that I used from other assignments is my ability to use dreamweaver and flash. I used flash and dreamweaver since the beginning of 3rd quarter. Another skill I used during this task was linking pictures and having a nav bar. Having a nav bar was important because I makes it easier to navigate thought the website. One skill that I aquired during this task was changing the color of the background of my website.

Before I started this task, I had a plan which had all the thing that would be on my website. Then, I started, one by one, each page of my website. The biggest difficultites during this task was making more link boxes on the nav bar. It was very hard in the beginning of the website. When i was had problems with my task, I took my time and tried my best to figure out what was wrong. This task helped me understand Web Graphics because web graphics is all about designing web pages and websites.

This task has helped me as a student because it has furthered my knowlegde in designing and creating websites. I dont know if i will use these skills in the real world because i dont think i will be designing websites as a job.