Grace Ragozzino

Mr. Herz

Web Graphics and Design

11 June 2015

Learning Reflection

            For this task, I was required to create a website on a topic of my choice. I chose sea lions because I enjoy their personality and the funny videos of them on the internet. I had to use Dreamweaver to create a webpage with different topics on sea lions. For example, I had pages on the physical features, ancestry, diet, captivity, personality, natural habitat, and a page of funny pictures I found of sea lions. As well as this, I also used Flash to create an animation of sea lions. For my flash, I created an animation of a person tossing a ball to a sea lion, and the sea lion catching it on its nose, as it is widely seen in sea lion shows. After it drops the ball, the sea lion then barks, and the animation restarts. Before completing this task, my class practiced creating flash animations in class with practice files and different assignments. Also, throughout the semester I practiced using Dreamweaver to create different web pages on different topics. In order to complete the website, I had to create 10 web pages with all of the topics I wanted. Then, I had to start designing the website to how I wanted it to look. I chose a banner of two pictures and set that as the banner throughout the entire website. On one of my pages, the home page, I pasted my flash animation on it so that when the website is opened in the internet, the animation automatically plays. Some obstacles I came in contact with was creating the links to all of the pages. On every page, I had 10 links, all linking to their designated pages. However, as I was attempting to set the links to their pages, an error came up telling me that it was not working. In order to fix this, I went into the code area of the site and changed the entire line that the pages were on. This fixed the problem, and I went along with my designing. This task helped me understand Web Design because the Dreamweaver program is generally easy to use, making creating this website easier than I expected at the beginning of this course. This task has helped me as a student because although this task was time consuming, it taught me how to keep patient with my work and to take my time when I work. For example, when I had trouble with my links, I had to keep patient and figure out how to fix it rather than flaking and giving up. In the future, I will use the skills learned in this task to help others with their problems when it comes to using websites and understanding this type of project.