Jack Betts
Mr. Herz
Web Design
11 June 2015

Creating a Website
For this Web Graphics and Design common task that I was assigned, I had to create a website that included a Flash animation, 5 pages containing information about my topic (LeBron James), a reflection, a work cited, and an Index page.  I didn’t need much back round knowledge to create this website.  The skills I acquired while doing this task was how to hyperlink pages to each other and make different pages in a website.  The importance of this task was to learn how to make a website in case I need to make one down the road.

The process I did in this website was first I had to gather the information for my pages, make the pages of the website, write a reflection, and then make a works cited.  The obstacles I encountered was linking the pages to each other.  I trouble shot the errors I faced by working through them.  This task helped me understand how hard it is to properly create a website.

The completion of this task helped me as a student because it helped me learn how to work through my issues and use my time wisely.