Notre Dame a respected college thats been known in almost all there sports. In this common task I got to pick a topic to make a website about and it ahd to have eight pages, and had to describe the subject. To do this task I had to use some of the abilities that I learned from prior flash animations, websites, and the tweens we learned. One skill that I acquired and built upon was linking my pictures and my pages. With these skills I could later in life help out a buisness by linking pages together.

I had to first figure out what I wanted to do (Notre Dame Athletics) and then I had to plan out what sports I wanted to do, after that I had to research all of the notre dame sports that I was doing and write about them on my webpages. One thing that challenged me was making more tags on the navigation bar because we were never taught how to make more. This task helped me understand how people design web pages with the different color backgrounds, and text.

The completion of this task taought me how to distribute my time wisely and how to cite images. I will use these skills in the future if I make a business I will know how to create a webpage.