Computers, huh? I've heard it all boils down to just a bunch of ones and zeroes.... I don't know how that enables me to see naked women, but however it works, God bless you guys. ~From the television show King of Queens, spoken by the character Doug Heffernan



One of the most prolific CPU architectures of the computing age has been X86 and its extension X86_64. This architecture has been popularized by Intel, the leading CPU manufacturer of the last forty years. The architecture was introduced on the 8086 CPU in the early 1970s. An interesting quirk of the architecture is that every instruction contained in the 8086 has a direct counterpart in the modern Intel i7 CPU. Thus a CPU that was developed for a printing calculator is really not that different from one used to render 4K video streams.

CPUs that use the X86 architecture are available from a wide variety of companies such as AMD. It is almost certain that the computer you are reading this article on is running a processor uitlizing X86 or X86_64.