History of Sublime

The band Sublime was formed by Bradley Nowell, Eric Wilson, and Flyod "Bud" Gaugh IV in the year 1988. Sublime started as a little garage band in Long Beach California. They played at clubs and partys, but were usually shut down because they got to rowdy. In February of 1990, Bradley Nowell adopted an abused Dalmaton puppy and named it Louie after his grandfather. Lou Dog would wander the stage as the band performed. Bradley and Lou had a special bond because this was one of the first times Lou Dog was ever shown love of any kind.

The band eventuall tried to do a tour, but they were so rowdy they were asked to stop. Bud Gaugh reflected on the experience: "Basically, our daily regimen was wake up, drink, drink more, play, and then drink a lot more. We'd call people names. Nobody got our sense of humor. Then we brought the dog out and he bit a few skaters, and that was the last straw." Every concert was more like a party than anything else.

The drinking, unpredictability, and out of contorl Dalmation were all prat of Sublimes explosive appeal. Bradley Nowell was fuled harder by drugs than alcohol. At every party they went to and played at drugs were always present. Bradley had refused to try herion for years because he knew it was addictive. When he was in his 20's Bradley tried Herion for the first time. He had heard that artists took herion and it made them more creative. Out of all the members he took the most drugs and he refused to get help. In 1992 Bradley met Troy Holmes and soon after they got married. They had a son and named him Jakob. In early 1993 Bradley was officialy a herion addict and his song "Pool Shark" was written about his addiction. Bradley did eventually tried to get help and for a few years wasn't doing as many drugs. Until his relapse in 1996 which changed everyone.

The end of Sublime came with the death of lead singer Bradley Nowell. Early in the morning on May 25, 1996 Bradley took Loug Dog out for a walk and as he was out Bud Gaugh had took some drugs from Bradley. Bud had raided Bardleys stash and had shot up while Bradley was walking Lou. Bradley injected herion after coming back and died of an overdose. He was 28 years old.

After Bradley's death the rest of the band released their album "Sublime" which recieved many hits. The remaining two members of the band had no interest in using the band name Sublime again and created Sublime With Rome. They includwed Rome Ramirez in their new band.