For this common task we had to create a website about whatever we found ineresting and to create a flash animation. For my website, I created it on the band Sublime. First, I created a flash animation to add to my website. I create a music staff with notes that dissapeared. I then made a folder on my desktop to save all my work in. Eventually I created a website using dreamweaver with eight pages on Sublime. I didn't find this propject to hard because we have done this all before. Also, we didn't have many restrictions so it was even easier to create. One problem I did run into was after creating my flash. I had to add it to the dreamweaver site, but when I tried to drag and drop it in it wouldn't move. I played around with it and eventually got it to move. I was scared I wouldn't be able to get it to move, but it finally changed. Overall, I liked this common task because I like researching topics I find interesting. I also liked that I could design the web page the way I thought it would look nice and organized.