Katie McLeod

Mr. Herz

Web Graphics

15 June 2015                 


Learning Reflection


            Taking information, creating a website and informing your classmates and citizens, are some of the most valuable things that could be learned. In this common task, we were to select a topic to create a website, mine being wolves. With the website we had to incorporate information on our subject, pictures, and a flash animation we created. For preparation of being able to complete this task, over the course of the year we learned and practiced the skills of making a website and flash animations. For example, the computer agronomics website, the clouds website and the pasta website also helped prepare me. Additionally, creating the cat flash animation helped to prepare me when making my wolf animation. I acquired the skills of bringing information onto one website in order to effectively inform the reader using words, pictures, and a flash animation. These skills are important because in the future if I want to create a website I now know how. Additionally it has helped to further work on my skills of taking information and making a project out of it.


            In order to make the website, I used Dreamweaver. Also, I used Adobe Flash to create my animation. An obstacle that I had to overcome personally was that originally a new page would save as a css, which would not work. Overtime, I learned that I had to go back and resave it as an html document in order for it to work. This task helped me learn about the process of web design because I now know every piece that must be incorporated. I also learned about the process of creating my desired format.


The completion of this task helped me as a student because I am now better with understanding computers which is going to make it easier for me with future projects. Additionally, I learned to be more patient with my work because with acting quickly it could cause major problems I would have to fix in the future. With being more diligent, my project could have a better outcome.