Kaylee LeCam

Mr. Herz

Web Graphics and Design

11 June 2015

Creating a Website

            For this common task I was required to make a website on a topic of my choice. I chose corgis because I think these dogs are very cute and I would like to adopt one myself. I was required to use the program Dreamweaver to create this website. I had multiple different pages including a home page, pages about their background information, personality, physical features, how to train them, puppies, diet, and pictures of them doing funny things . I was also required to use adobe flash in order to create an animation I could use on my website. This was one of the major things I learned to do in order to complete this website. We had spent multiple classes using flash and practicing different methods of this so we could create whatever we wanted to for this project. I struggled with this a little bit at first because in the past flash was somewhat difficult for me to get the hang of. It took me a few classes to complete my flash animation but eventually I got the hang of it. This task really helped me learn a lot about Web Design because there are many programs you can use to create a website that I never knew about before. In the past I would have never thought that designing a website would be something I would be interested in but this project was very fun because I learned a lot.