Kegan's Flash Animation Tutorial


Making a plan

Crafting a plan is vital to you and your flash animation. Not only should you have a mental plan, but also you should be assuring yourself that the mental plan you are making is possible, depdning on your skill/knowledge. There are five simple steps to making a plan that suits your desire as well as your comfortability. First of all, you must create a plan for what you desire and want to make. Whether this is a fight animation, professional design, etc., you need to make sure of what you really want. Next, you must design a scene for your plan, creating a background and perhaps sketching out your plan. Most importantly, the next step is to actually animate the scene you want and see what you can do; using the skills that you are about to learn within the rest of the website. Following this, if you made an animation that you aren't happy with, you can easily backtrack and restart, perhaps configuring your sketch now that you know what you can or can't do. After completing the animation, no matter how many tries and time you put into it, fine-tuning it is a necessity. Go back and trace through the animation to make sure you are comfortable with it and it is moving as fluently as you want; as well as making sure you put in all of the variables and used all of the tools you wanted to use. The last step is simple, follow your originating sketch and ensure yourself that your outcome is pleasing to what you desire and needed complete. There's no visual that I can give you for this piece of creating a flash animation, seeing as how it is all a mental process.