Kegan's Flash Animation Tutorial


Drawing a Background

Creating a background, or importing one, is vital to your scene/animation. Whereas you can easily import a background by finding an image you like and copying or exporting it, in this page I will teach you how to create your own. To make your own, you can use photoshop or Manga Studio. Although I do not own manga studio, I can show you how to make it using photoshop and I will leave a hyperlink to making it using Manga Studio here: (this video is the only good Manga Studio background tutorial I could find, so it contains some swear words).

Below is me teaching a step by step creation of a background using photoshop.

Step 1: Configure the height and width as you want.


Step 2: Make a gradient background (using the gradient tool).


Step 3: Draw a ground and the sun using the brush, gradient, paint fill, and line tool.