Lance Waranis

Mr. Herz

Web Graphics and Design

9 June 2015

Duke Basketball Informative Website Reflection

            For my Web Graphics common task each student in our class had to create an informational website about some specific topic approved by our teacher. For my topic I choose Duke Basketball and completed a 6 page website about Duke’s men’s basketball history, head coach, March Madness results, and past championship teams. For this task Mr. Herz taught us how to use Adobe Flash to create our flash animation, he also showed us how to create a website through Dreamweaver and link pages and pictures to each other so that the website worked properly. These skills we learned were critical for this task because everything we learned was vital to our success in creating our informational website.

            In order to create the web site I had to first open up Dreamweaver and create a new file that my website would be supported and organized by, I then created a new site with the format I desired my website to be. While completing this site I had difficulty adding more links to my home page in order to expand the length of my website making it bigger. To make way with these errors I asked for help from my beloved classmates, and even teacher in order to fix the problems I had, when they didn’t have answers for my issues I then simple looked up how to fix my problem or just worked around with my website till I found something that operated properly. In addition, creating this website helped me understand the procedure of creating websites and the purpose of this class. While creating this site I learned how complex website actually are and how the pages we see are based upon a detailed code page with a variety of numbers and symbols making the website function.

            In conclusion, this tasked has helped me further expand my knowledge about the technology use every day. It has gave me a better understanding of computers today and allowed me to use these skills if I ever want to create another website with another class.