Matt Ryan
Mr. Herz
Web Graphics and Design
10 June 2015

            For the Web Graphics and Design course at Narragansett High School we were given a common task to make a web site with 7 or more web pages. The topic I chose to make my website on was the Boston Red Sox. For this I had to use many tools such as learning how to link pictures, how to change the background color of the website, and how to create new web pages. The previous knowledge that I used included linking webpages together, making a flash animation, and titling all of the pages. These skills are important because later on in life if I have my own business I will need a website to show off my merchandise or show the customer what my business is about.

            I started off this project by doing research on the Red Sox. I then made a graphic organizer of which topics my seven web pages are going to be about. The topics I chose were a home page, history page, current red sox team page, a red sox Yankees rivalry page, a page on fun facts about Fenway Park, a reflection page, and a work cited. The obstacles I encountered when doing this was linking the pictures on the website because I had to go back on Google, find the images, and find the source. This task helped me understand Web Design because it showed me how we will need it in real life. Without computer skills it will be hard to succeed and find a good job.

            Lastly, the conclusion of this task helped me as a student because it made me prioritize my time and use it wisely. This will transfer to my other classes as I progress through high school. For example, I had to get at least one web page done a class or I would have to stay for tasc because I would not want to fall behind. I anticipate using these skills for other large projects.