Marina Diamandis


Marina Diamandis has had a huge amount of success and support for all three of her impeccable studio albums, and critics agree that each one is individual and commendable for all of its attributes. For her album "The Family Jewels", it debuted #5 on the UK Albums Chart and sold 27,618 copies in its first week. "Electra Heart" hit the Scottish, Irish, and UK album charts all at #1 in 2012, the U.S. Electronic/Dance Albums at #2, and it ranked 14th overall in the U.S. Electronic/Dance album billboard of the year (2013). While assessing "FROOT", critics applauded Marina for her vocal range and delivery. "FROOT" also hit #10 on the UK Albums Chart and sold 10,411 copies in its first week upon release, and received no less than 3.5 star ratings on countless respected sites that reviewed the album. Marina also toured for all of her albums, headlining as "The Family Jewels", "The Lonely Hearts Club Tour", and "The Neon Nature Tour".

From the album "Electra Heart", song titled "Valley Of The Dolls"

Marina in Hollywood