Creating a website for my Web Graphics & Design class was an interesting yet frusterating new experience, but I am glad to have stuck with it until the end. This process made me realize just how much time goes into creating websites from scratch, and all the little details that contribute to the process. To start, I created an outline for the pages of my site and identified what I would have on each page, as well as my plan for my Adobe Flash animation. Next I worked on my original Flash animation that featured the six fruits from the album cover of Marina's album "FROOT", transforming into each other. After completing the animation and adding this to my newly created index or "Home" page, I began to gather information on the band while following my site map I made in the beginning. Adding titles and a footer as well as a global navigational bar to every page was necessary as well. I developed each of the six web pages with information while adding quotes, sourced images and gifs, and music. To add the audio to my web pages, I first downloaded all the mp3s I wanted to use, clicked the "Insert" tab, selected "Media" then "Plugin", and applied the command to all the pages, which included a pause and play button. When all of this was finished I created my Works Cited and Reflection pages. This project proved to be challenging when I was creating style sheets, working on the Flash animation, and using codes to improve the site quality. To summarize, completing this task gave me a better understanding on how websites are created and the importance of graphic design and coding, which will especially be helpful to me because I am interested in a career involving computers in the future.