Marina Timeline


From the hit album "FROOT", song titled "I'm A Ruin"

October 10th, 1985 - Marina Lambrini Diamandis is born and raised in Wales

1985-1997 - Marina attended all girls schools and had a generally happy childhood

Around 1999-2002 - Marina's parents seperated when she was a teen

2003-2004 - Briefly attended university at age 18, dropped out, moved to London, went to a dance and vocal school for a year

2004-2008 - Worked on demo tapes using "Garageband" (Apple music recording software for computers) and promoted through MySpace, was also rejected when auditioning for several musicals and bands

2008 - Opened for another singer and gained recognition, signed by Neon Gold Records and 679 Records

June 2009 - Released two singles and "The Crown Jewels" U.S. exclusive EP under her record companies, gained more support and popularity in Europe especially

January 2010 - Nominated for BRIT Awards and BBC's sound of 2010 award, placed second

February 2010 - Released "The Family Jewels", toured for it

2011-2012 - Began developing and writing "Electra Heart"

April 2012 - Released "Electra Heart", toured for it

August 2013 - Launched her fashion line, "11 Diamonds"

2013-2014 - Wrote, produced, and promoted "FROOT"

March 2015 - Released "FROOT", is currently touring for it