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During this common task I had to create my own website with a flash animation. I chose to research star wars and make a website on it. I chose this because I like the movies and I wanted to know more about it for fun. This task wasn’t to hard considering star wars is very popular, I think it was quite fun for a school project because I got to choose what I wanted to do. I also learned how to make flash animations in the process which is a lot of fun and I would love to get better in the future. I also think that Dreamweaver is a great way to make a website and I’m glad I now possess the skill to use it properly. At the beginning of the semester I wouldn’t have even got pass naming the first page index, I enjoyed taking this class and learning about web design and I hope I get to put it to good use eventually in the future and I know I’m going to make more flash animations. For this project I made a flash animation of the word star wars being spelled out deleted and popping up again which was relatively easy all I had to do was make a new key frame for each latter or a few at a time when star wars pops up twice and then I exported it to my site. My Dreamweaver site had 8 pages: the index page, the main character page, the planets page, the ships page, the rebel alliance page, the galactic empire page, the reflection page and the work cited page. All of the main paged with information about star wars on them they are all connected. In general I enjoyed this common task and will put all of my new skills to use in the future.