Separatist Supply Ship

Imperieal star destroyer

wedge shaped capital ship turbo blasters and tracor beam projectors dot the surface belly hangar launches tie fighters boarding craft and land assault units hyperspace probes and can hold captures crafts staffed by imperial Starfleet

Millennium falcon

the shabby exterior is deseptive of the special modifications that it has with boosted speed shielding and a performance at an impressive, illegal level it is also unpredictable and hyperdrive often fails


rebel alliance starfighter  balances speed and fire power four laser cannons twp proton torpedo ;launchers  nible engines can make long range jumps with hyperdrive

tie fighters

empire ship desighned for fast paced dogfights with rebel xwings and other star fighters

y wing

workhorse starfighter used since clone wars for dogfights and bombing runs against capital ships and ground targets generally overlooked because of newer models

a wing

sleek arrow head shape streamlined cockpit massive twin engines faster then tie interceptor well suited for lightning strikes has piovoting laser cannons on each wing tip