Nina Doyle

Mr. Herz

Web Graphics and Design

5 June 2015

Reflecting on Creating a Website

People take advantage of being able to access millions of websites in a blink of an eye. It takes time to create a functioning website that is pleasing to the eye. In my Web Graphic and Design class I created a website about the dog breed Alaskan malamute which had to include at least seven pages, a flash animation, hyperlinks, a work cited, a reflection and information about the breed. Topics I chose for my website included training tips, history of the breed, and colors and markings on the dog and some others. To create this website I used the Microsoft program Dreamweaver which provides a template for the website and simplifies the website. Before completing my website I practiced using Dreamweaver so I would be able to know how to format my site. I also practiced using Flash to create animations so I would be better able to create an appealing flash for my project. When preparing for this task I definitely improved on my ability to use Dreamweaver. In the program I learned how to create links to my pages within the website and how to format the pages color and style. Without these skills my website would not properly function and would not be visually appealing to my audience.

            After practicing using these programs I began to create my actual website. I first collected information and images online to use in my website. I then created several pages that I had to manage under one site folder. After the structure of my website was set up I continued to add pictures and information into my web site. During this process it was difficult to find interesting, valid information to put into my website. This was hard because it is hard to tell what sources are valid or invalid when using the internet. To fix this issue I just made sure each website was from a well-known company and had an author stated on the site. This process of finding information, pictures and designing my website taught me a lot about what goes into web design. This task helped me learn that a lot of coding and detail in the computer system creates the web pages I take for granted every day. When I go online I often do not think of the effort that went into allowing me to click a hyperlink or opening a new page by clicking on a link. I now know what goes into creating websites.

Over all this task helped me better understand computers which I will be using more and more as I get older and technology continues to develop. My better understanding of computers came from when we were using the code to make websites and how by creating a code for the computer to read it would generate a final product. These skills will be very helpful to me as I continue to use technology through my schooling and in the rest of my life.