What is Pokemon?











Ah, evolution, that thing you were forced to study in school, very complicated and long tests on it, and some guy named Mendel. Well, throw all that out the window because were talking evolution in pokemon, where there are no theories, and its a lot less complicated than in school. Evolution in pokemon is very simple, when a pokemon reaches a certain level, they will evolve, becoming a new pokemon and much more powerful. Some pokemon don't evolve while others have 3 evolutions, and not all evolve by leveling up. Also, if a player presses the B button while a pokemon is evolving, it will not evolve, and if the player gives it an item called the everstone, then they won't have to see the cut scene every tine the pokemon levels up. This is a pokemon who doesn't evolve. His name is dunsparce, and no matter what you try to do, this pokemon will not evolve.

This pokemon has 2 evolutions. The first pokemon is ekans (creative name Pokemon company!) and the one next to ekans is arbok (again, amazing name). This chart shows that at level 22, ekans will evolve into arbok, and become more powerful.

--Level 22-->

Following the trend, this pokemon has, you guessed it, 3 evolutions. pokemon with three evolutions are generally the best pokemon, but there are a few exceptions. Now our example pokemon are trapinch to vibrava at level 35, to flygon at level 45.

--Level 35-->--Level 45-->

Some pokemon don't use levels to evolve, but use items instead. The pokemon below, Vulpix, Evolves into Ninetails by having the fire stone item used ion him, and regardless of vulpixs level, he will evolve. There are many different stones, but the fire water and thunder stones are the most used.

--Use Fire Stone-->

Now we get to the weirs ones. There are a few pokemon who evolve using special methods, but i won't go over all of them, if i did it would take a day to read this page alone. So instead, ill give one example of a weird evolution, and move on. The pokemon below is inkay and malamar. To evolve inkay, you have to flip you 3DS upsidedown when inkay reaches level 30. Why they did this, i don't know, but like i said, were at the weird ones.

--Level 30 and flip 3DS-->

Mega Evolution

Okay, now evolution gets a little complicated. In the most recent games, a concept called mega evolution was introduced. 46 total pokemon can mega evolve. All of the except for a Pokemon called rayquaza (My favorite pokemon) need to hold an item called a mega stone to activate mega evolution. Mega evolution drastically boosts the mega evolved pokemons stats (go to stat link for more info), but only lasts for that one battle, and only one pokemon in your team can mega evolve during a battle. Rayquaza has to know the move Dragon Ascent to mega evolve, and some pokemon have 2 different mega evolutions. The pokemons Mewto and Charzard will mega evolve into two different mega evolution, depending on if they are holding the X or Y versions of their stones. To mega evolve, the pokemon must be holing an item called the mega stone, and there are 47 mega stones, each enabling mega evolution for a different pokemon. Below is the pokemon venusaurs evolution chain, with the final pokemon needing a mega stone to evolve.

--Level 16-->--Level 32-->--Use Mega Stone-->