What is Pokemon?











As i said eralier, legendarys are very powerful mpokemon that are a great addition to have, but how good are they? So good that each games legandary appears on the games box for 23 out of the 26 pokemon games made. In total, there are a total of 56 whole legandarys, but no pokemon game in existence lets you get all 56. most let you get about 10 in total, 4 while doing the main story line, and 6 become unlocked after beating the main story. But, a player can only have 6 total pokemon in their team, so witch are the six best? Well, lucky for you i can answer that question.

The first pokemon on our list is mewtwo, a psychic type. He is on our list because when he is mega evolved, his stats are the highest in the game, with only one other pokemon sharing the position for highest stats with him. Even if he is not mega evolved, Mewtwo can still bring the special attack damage by destroying pokemon with the psychic move.

Our next pokemon is from the this series of games, and it is my favorite pokemon, Rayquaza. Not only can he mega evolve, but he does not need a mega stone to do it, just the move dragon ascent. that means you can give Rayquaza an item to boost the power of his moves. And he shares Mewtwos stats when mega evolved, and he is a dragon type, a type meant for dealing massive damage. Give him the move extremespeed, which will always hit first, and you have an unstopable monster on your team.

Number three is Kyogre, another third series pokemon. Being only water type, and having average stats except for defence, Kyogre is actually not that good. So why is he on here? For one reason and one reason only. Kyogre is unique, in that if the blue orb is given to him, then at the beginning of battle, he will become alpha Kyogre. Basically, Kyogre just mega evolved, but you can still allow another pokemon to mega evolve. since mega evolution drastically raise stats, Kyogres average stats get a huge boost, and you basically have 2 pokemon in your team that can mega evolve.

Our fourth member is Groudon, and his situation is the same as Kyogres. Give him the red orb and he mega evolves. put him and Kyogre in your team and halve of your team is capable of mega evolution. He is also from third series by the way.

Finally, a pokemon not from third series. This is darkrai, a pokemon from fourth series and a dark type, i know, shocking typing. Darkrai is here because an amazing combination can be made with two of his moves. Darkrai is faster than almost any pokemon out there, and he learns the move dark void, which puts a pokemon to sleep. He also learns a move called dream eater, which only works on sleeping pokemon, but is extremely powerful and heals your pokemon by half the damage done. By continuously putting your opponents pokemon to sleep, and healing darkrai when he does not attack first, he can single handily take down many opponents.

Our final pokemon is the fourth series pokemon Archeous. Said to be the pokemon god in the games, he is here for another special move combination. Archeous learns the move judgement, an extremely damaging move to any pokemon. However, there are special items called plates in the pokemon series. Each plate represents one typing of pokemon, like the fire plate represents fire and the water plate represents water. If you give Archeous a plate, he will become that type, and judgement will change its move typing to that plates typing. Because all pokemon teams should have a wide variety of pokemon typing, Archeous fits into any team because he can be any type. Not to menton his stats which are nothing to laugh at.