What is Pokemon?











Pokeballs are the most important item in the entire pokemon series. An item effects the outcome of a battle, like restoring Hit Points or boosting the power of certain moves, but Pokeballs are a little different. These are used when the player encounters a wild pokemon, usually by walking in grass, and are used to capture the wild pokemon. This pokemon becomes yours, and you can either put him in your party of only 6 pokemon, or leave him in your PC and not use him. There are 26 total Pokeballs, all having different effects when capturing pokemon, but ill just go over the four most important and most used pokeballs.


This is the standard Pokeball. Being the most common in the game, and always available by the second town you visit, it might not be the worst pokeball, but is not something you'll want to use when you get deep into your adventure. early game their great, but they will quickly fall out of use.

Here we have the Great ball, but don't let the name fool you, its not that great. Being barely better than the Pokeball, but costing more than twice what the Pokeball does, just stick with pokeballs when this shows up in the shops.

Now here is the pokeball you want. This is the Ultra ball, being infinitely better than both the Poke and Great balls, this guy offers a 3x catch rate while the Pokeball offers 1.5x and the Great ball has a 2x. This is the pokeball you'll want to depend your money on.

Player, meet god, god meet player. Enter the Master ball. Beating every other pokeball in the game by a landslide, this "God" ball has a 100 percent chance to catch any wild pokemon you see, regardless of how many Hit Points they have left. Only downside is that you only get one or two at most per game, and can't buy them anywhere, so make sure you really want the pokemon you use this ball on.