What is Pokemon?











For this common task, i had to make a website about a subject i choose. I choose to do my website on pokemon, and my website had to have at least 8 pages and an original animation. My website also had to have a bibliography page and a page containing this reflection. Not only did my bibliography have to have all of the links where i got pictures from, but the pictures themselves also had to link to the original website i got them from. The most challenging part of this common task wasn't linking the pictures, but finding pictures that i could use. The school blocks a lot of websites and most of the pictures i wanted to use, lead to blocked websites. The easiest part of this task was typing the information. i already knew everything i needed to know before starting this project, so all i had to do was break that information into groups and type it out. During this common task, i learned hoe to link pictures to their corresponding website. this is helpful because i don't want to accidentally plagiarize someone else's work.