What is Pokemon?












In pokemon, each pokemon has 5 different stats that effect how they do in battle. For these stats to make sense, first you have to know that each move a pokemon has is classified as special or physical. Know that we know this, understanding stats becomes infinitely easier. The attack stat boosts the power of physical moves, while the special attack stat boosts the power of special moves. Defense lowers the amount of damage taken by physical attacks, while special defence does the same, except with special attacks. Finally, the speed stat determines who goes first in battle, and if two pokemon have the same speed, then the game randomly picks what pokemon goes first. Every time a pokemon levels up, their stats will go up. Evolution also determines stat increase, with the first stage of pokemon getting plus one or two stats in each category, while final evolutions generally get plus three or four stats in each category. If a mega evolved pokemon gets a level up, they will always get at least plus three, but generally get plus four, and they could reach the legendary plus five in a stat category.

As you can see above, their are 2 different pokemons stats, the one on the left is a level 6 chikorita, and the one on the right is a level 73 sceptile. Chikorita is a starter pokemon, and sceptile is the final evolution of a starter pokemon. The higher the stats, the better the pokemon, so if these two pokemon where to fight, sceptile would destroy chikorita. This also proves that the higher the level, the better the pokemon, because sceptile is level 73, sceptile has had more time to increase his stats. Sceptile has a higher special attack than he does attack, so the person using him will want to give sceptile mostly special moves, and keep sceptile away from pokemon with a high attack because he has a low defense.


Now things start to get complicated again, by bringing Evs into the picture. New players to pokemon should just stop here because this is not important to the main game, but rather important to competitive battling, where one person fights another real life person instead of an AI. Know, back to EVs, there is actually another way to increase a pokemons stats and that is with EVs. Each wild pokemon has a stat value, so when you defeat that pokemon it gives your pokemon that stat value. Most pokemon will give you one stat value in a certain stat, like plus one to speed or to attack. Once your pokemon gets four of these stat value, the stat that they give will increase your pokemons stat by one. So, if your pokemon gets four attack stat values, their attack will go up by one. Now, there is a cap at 500 stat values, and each stat can only have 200 stat values added to it. that means that two stats can be increased by 50 and one stat can be increased by 25. The best way to use EVs is to give the 50 boosts to your pokemons two best stats, and the 25 boost to the pokemons speed.


Know we finally have a simple subject to talk about. IVs are simply this, pokemon that are born better than other pokemon. In Pokemon, Two pokemon can breed with each other to make an egg of the same pokemon, and this new pokemon could simply have better starting stats than its parents, so that when the pokemon finally gets to the same level as its parents, the child will just be better than the original pokemon. The ultimate pokemon is on hatched from and egg with all stats being 32. Above you saw a level 6 pokemon with stats all in the single digits, while a pokemon from an egg will always be level one, and this pokemon will have three times the stats as a level six. At level one! Unfortunately, there is only a 1 out of 1 million chance to get this perfect pokemon, so don't get your hopes up about getting one.