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After the stat page, i feel like their have to be more pictures on this one, so i promise there will be pictures on this one. Anyway, i briefly touched on the story part of pokemon on the What is Pokemon? page, and this page will go into more detail. In pokemon, you are a 10 year old boy or girl, with the goal to catch all of the 719 pokemon. Good luck. Well, not really. Let me explain. while the goal of the game is to get every pokemon, there is also a plot to the game. You are supposed to fight the eight best trainers in the land so you can challenge the four best, only to challenge the best after them. The eight best are called gym leaders and they live in various towns scattered throughout the pokemon world. Here are the latest gym leaders.

Each gym leader only has one type of pokemon on their team. In order of gym leader there is rock, fighting, electric, fire, normal, air, psychic, and water. Each is difficult but not to hard as long as you have a type that is strong against the type the gym leader is using. Also, through out the games the player fights with a criminal organization that changes depending on which game you are playing. The goal of all the organizations however is to capture a legendary pokemon and use its power to take over the world. A legendary pokemon is a very strong pokemon. But the player comes just in time to foil their plans and to capture the legendary pokemon for themselves.

These four trains are called the elite four and are the best in the land. You can only fight them once you have beaten all of the gym leaders, and walked through victory road, the hardest place in the game. Once you begin the fight there's no going back, and you must fight all four trainers in succession with no way to heal your pokemon except with the use of items, so stock up on healing items before challenging them. Just like the gym leaders, the elite four specializes in a certain pokemon type as well. Going from left to right, they use water, ice, fighting and finally dragon. SPOILER ALERT!!! Newcomers, I'm going to spoil some of the game here, so go to a new page if you plan to play the game.

This is the champion, the person who helped you take down that criminal organization, and was your friend throughout the game, this is Steven. Keep in mind that you have to fight him after the elite four and he is the best in the land, so be careful. While each game has a different champion, Steven is either the easiest or the hardest. He specializes in steel typing, which are pretty much weak to fire types only. So, if you choose a torchic, the fire type starter, your good to go, while if you choose anyone else, be prepared for a hard time.