What is Pokemon?











In Pokemon, each pokemon has a special quality, or type. There are currently 18 different types, and a pokemon can be a single type or 2 types. Each type has different strengths and weaknesses. For example, the starters you can choose at the beginning of the game are always water, fire, and grass. Grass is good against water, but weak to fire, water is good for fire but weak to grass, and fire burns grass, but gets dowsed by water. Its a good system, until in consider the fact that there are 18 different types, and multible pokemon with 2 typing. This is a chart of what types are good and bad against other types.

Don't click out of here yet, this is not as intimidating as it looks. Lets just go row by row, shall we? In the electr row, an electric type pokemon is attacking. When the box is white, the pokemon will do normal damage, when there is a circle it does half damage, triangles means they do half damage, and the x means it does no damage. So, electric types do no damage against ground pokemon, half damage against dragons, grass and other electric pokemon, double damage against water and flying, and normal for all other pokemon. If you just go row by row, this big chart is not that scary.

Duel Typing

Now its time for complications. Some pokemon have multable types, like being a rock and a normal pokemon at the same time. This pokemon will get both ntypes strenths, but also both of their weaknesses. This can be beneficial and disastrous at the same time. Say you have a pokemon that is a steel and fire typing. because steel is resistant to pretty much everything but fire, by being a fire type in addition to its steel typing, steel is resistant to fire, and fires weaknesses are evened out by the steel typing. However, both fire and steel pokemon are weak to ground pokemon, so if this steel fire type gets hit with a ground type move, it will do 4x the damage instead of the normal 2x. 2x damage will do major damage, and might defeat your pokemon, but 4x damage is a guaranteed K.O.