What is Pokemon?











What is Pokemon?

Pokemon is a very popular video game made by nintendo. The game was originally intended for young children, but people of all ages quickly got into Pokemon. Now, Pokemon has 23 total main games, with 2 more coming out next December. Pokemon also has countless games that vary from the main play style, but i will only be talking about the 24 main games in this website. Below are all of the main pokemon games that have been made by nintendo. The oldest are at the top, they have GAME BOY next to them, and the newest are the ones at the bottom with 3DS written next to them.

How to play

Pokemon does have a main story line to follow, but if you want to learn more about it click the Story link. For now, I'll talk about how to play the Pokemon. The goal of the game is to battle other pokemon trainers to gain experience, and eventually become the best trainer in the world. At the beginning of the game you will get a starter pokemon that is the low level of five. Below are the starting pokemon from each different game of pokemon. You only get one so choose wisely. The max level is one hundred, but if you fight all the trainers you see, levels shouldn't be a problem. To gain levels, you have to get a certain amount of experience before your pokemon levels up. The higher your pokemons level, the more experience it takes to level it up. To gain experience, you have to beat other trainers pokemon, or beat wild pokemon. Wild pokemon is where the Pokemon series stand out though. The player is allowed to have 6 total pokemon in their active team at any one time. So, in pokemon, a player can catch wild pokemon using a device called a pokeball, witch i go into more detail about in the Pokeball link. The lower the pokemons Hit Points, the more likely you will catch that pokemon. However, don't try to catch another trainers pokemon, the pokeball won't catch it and you will have just wasted it.