Zachary deWardener


Web Graphics and Design

9 June 2015

Red Panda Informative Website Reflection

            For this task, I was challenged to make an informative website focused on the Red Panda. In the preparation for my creation, I had made a separate word document stating the purpose of the website, the target audience, a smart art graphic representing the setup of the site’s pages, and a description of what my flash animation will be. After the creation of my website plan for this project, I had set off to create the flash animation in Adobe Flash. My flash consisted of a photo shopped picture of a red panda that was placed behind a picture of a spiral, then in Adobe Flash I managed to give the panda life; ultimately made to attract the viewer. The next step was to create the actual site using Adobe Dreamweaver following the steps laid out in my website plan. The skills preformed in this task include the knowledge and use of specific programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Flash. Another skill that I have built upon was finding relevant information pertaining to my topic of the Red Panda. These skills could be useful in the future because if I decide to start my own business then I would be able to create my own website describing my business plan.

            The process used to complete this website was a combination of Photoshop, Flash, and Dreamweaver, the overall process is basically making a folder containing he contents of the website; those contents being the separate pages of the site and media such as pictures and Flash animations. The obstacles encountered in making my website included not being able to figure out how to create my own format for the pages, normally made with separate tables however it wasn’t working in the way I wanted them to. I got around this problem by starting over using one of the premade website formats.

            I feel as though this project has helped me figure out my work pace involving the use of web graphics and design, I believe I can gain the advice of not to rush my pace or psych myself into thinking I can work faster than I really can.