For this task, I had to create a website and a flash project involving my desired topic, which was the game design company, Game Freak. In order to accomplish this task, I had to use my skills of working with flash and dreamweaver to help me with taking the information that I understood and learned about my topic and putting it on a website. The skills I aquired and built upon while completing this task included those such as Motion tweening objects in Flash or linking pictures and text in Dreamweaver. These skills were built upon as I used them more throughout the project and they became somewhat of a habit as I continued through the project. To complete the website, I took the index webpage and linked all other pages on the website directly to it. The obstacles I encountered throughout this project entirely lied in figuring out how to complete the flash from a design standpoint. Mechanically, I knew how to do everything but I did not know what I wanted in my flash to make it look appealing. This task helped me understand how linking is structured and how web designers format their text to make it sequentially make sense. As a student, this task helped me understand how to accomplish certain tasks in flash that I had struggled with before such as specific motions or effects of images as they move across the screen. Along with that, I had to constantly remanage the site so I learned how to do that very well as I did not understand that before. Due to completing this task and this class in particular, I will be able to use flash more effectively now because I want to work on my skills with animation and I now can do that. This class and specifically this task has evolved my skills in flash animation and web design in Dreamweaver exponentially.


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