Creating a Website Reflection

These days, when I go to a website, I look at aspects of the page I never thought of before, not taking any of it for granted anymore.  As a matter of fact, I now look at it with a much more informed mind and eye.  My semester in Web Design with Mr. Herz has given me this new appreciation for Web graphics and the elements of design needed in designing a Web page or site.  I never realized just how much work goes into the creation of a website and the various skills required to make a successful page.  My semester in Web Design has been full of first-time learning experiences.  Building one skill on the next has led me to this final project where I utilized them all in the creation of my own website.  To get to this point, I had to acquire skills in flash animation, which I was able to accomplish by mastering several tasks. Such assignments as   making a ball bounce down stairs, creating a face with moving eyes and mouth, and an exercise in pivot points all contributed to my website.  Having all the necessary skills required for the final task, I began building a website, step by step, just as I learned how to do it, step by step.  I literally went from knowing virtually nothing, to competently producing simple animation.  Through this process, I succeeded in flowing from frame to frame, motion tweens, using symbols, and how to copy and paste, to name a few.  I also learned how to choose mouths when creating lip-synching; how to produce smoothness in motion with the appearance of weight behind that movement, where the hand movement has a certain realistic bounce, for example.  These skills are important for the making of any future websites or any animation I wish to produce.  Building on each skill was really fun and enabled me to create a final project I am proud of.  An obstacle I encountered was creating 200 plus frames of animation, which seemed impossible as I started on frame one, however I overcame this problem by repeating some previously created frames and making it cohesive and fluid.  I have a much better understanding of Web Design through the completion of this task because it illustrates how building on each acquired skill culminates in the production of a successful final project.  It showed me that one skill may not seem earth shattering or important on its own, but putting all your knowledge together and to good use, actually adds up to a very cool concluding product.  This is true of everything I have done as a student, some assignments may not seem monumentus on their own but everything put together has led me to this point.  That is a great lesson for a student and something to be realized throughout life.