This website was created to be a safe environment for LGBT+ members, their loved ones, questioning persons, or anyone openminded and curious!


AIDS Crisisline
AIDS Hotline
Alcohol & Drug Abuse Hotline
Alcohol Abuse Hotline
Child Abuse Hotline
Crisis Intervention Center
Directing In-need Gay Youth to Services (DIGYTS)

M-F 5-8pm,
Sat 1-5pm

Domestic Violence Hotline
Domestic Violence Hotline
Drug Abuse Hotline
Emergency Contraception Hotline
Gay & Lesbian National Hotline
GLBT Youth Support Line
HIV Testing & Counseling Hotline
HIV Testing & Counseling Hotline
Lambda National Hate Crime Hotline
Maryland Hate Crime Hotline
National AIDS Hotline
National AIDS Hotline
National Anti-Violence Prevention Hotline
National Gay & Lesbian Youth Hotline
National Runaway Switchboard
National STD Hotline Hotline
Rape & Incest Nat'l Network (RAINN)
Trevor Talk Line for Suicidal LGBT Youth
Washington DC Hate Crime Hotline
Youth Talkline