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Gabby Cooper
Mr. Herz
Web Graphics & Design
11 June 2015
Today’s society is so technology driven, but we never stop to think about how technology and the internet comes about. For this common task, I had to create an 8-page website containing an original Adobe Flash creation, a Works Cited page, and a Reflection page, along with other pages containing information about a topic of my choice. In order to complete this task, I needed the background skills of how to create and manipulate a website using Dreamweaver, how to code using HTML5, and how to use Adobe Flash. I demonstrated my skills with Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash and presented them in the form of a ten page website. The skills that proved to be most important in this task were how to use Dreamweaver to create a website.
To create this website, I started by making a website plan on Microsoft Word. Then, I used Dreamweaver to define a site and create the different pages of my site. Next, I made a Flash for my website and posted it on my site along with pictures and information from various websites. To fix any errors, I referenced my book and previous websites I had made. This task helped me understand Web Design by showing me what it’s like to work in the field as a Website Designer.
This website helped me as a student by forcing me to address problematic situations on my own. I anticipate using my knowledge and skills of web design in the future as I create a website for my Step-fathers business.