Katherine St.Amand


Web Graphics and Design

10 June 2015

For this common task I had to complete a website on something I am interested in while exercising the skills I learned this year in class. I needed to have basic understanding of HTML and CSS, which I learned mostly in class, but partially online. While completing this task I learned how to use tools in Adobe Flash Professional CS5 and Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, which I used to create my the flash movie and design for my website. When I began this project I firstly made a plan, then moved on to the flash movie requirement, which I decided would be three portraits of Senator Bernie Sanders on a loop. Then I created web pages for each subject about Bernie Sanders and provided information about the subject on each web page. I had some trouble finding enough information on the Senator, but was able to resolve my problem by referring to video resources, many of which the Senator speaks about the subjects I discuss on my webpages. This task helped me understand web design better through practice and hands-on learning. Thanks to this task I now have a better understanding of web design and the upcoming 2016 presedential election. I hope to use these skills in the future when researching for future projects and working with Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash.