Sam Hunt and his Achievments

Smoking Hot Sam Hunt Facts

Sam Hunt's debut album Montevallo bacame number one on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart in November 2014.

Sam Hunt is the fastest new country artist to reach gold since 2012 according to Taste of Country. This is because his album Montevallo 500,000 copies since it was released in 2014. (Now it is 2015.)

Sam Hunt's "Leave the Night On" was his first top single. Shortly after, "Take Your Time" Became his second top single. Both of these songs were at the top of top country lists for each week for over two weeks.

"Take Your Time" and his other hit song "Leave the Night On" became platinum-selling singles.

His songs that were written for other artists such as Keith Urban made the top 10. This was before he started singing.... When he was just a lyricist.

As Sam Hunt states, “It’s such a morale boost for the team and everyone who has been working so hard to progress this whole project and everything that we’re doing.”

Sam Hunt and Lily Aldridge presented side by side at the CMA Awards on November 5, 2014.

Sam at the CMAs