Sam Hunt= The New Guy

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Sam Hunt is new to the realm of county music, but has already made an impression on country music fans. Country listeners love his music, let alone his personality. This is one of his best loved songs since he has started... "Take Your Time."

This new country singer thinks of his music as country, but his music is he latest form of country....A mix of pop and country. Find out all about Sam Hunt's music by viewing the videos provided in the music section of this web site.

Yet although Sam Hunt is new, he is already making achievements that are hard to achieve as early as he is making them. To find out about his achievements so far, go to the section titled Achievements.

Sam is very unique in his way of life and his likes and dislikes. To find more about his personal life, visit the section titled Personal Life.Sam Hunt as Quarterback

Although Sam Hunt is a unique guy, his childhood is like many others... filled with sports and family. To find out more about Sam in his childhood, visit the section titled Childhood.Sam Hunt as a Child

After his childhood, only after, is when Sam Found his dream of going in the country realm. To learn more about Sam and his musical introduction to country visit the site Music Start.

Wondering where is found all this information? All of the pictures and videos are linked to their source. The Works Cited page shares with you all of the sites that I used.

The Reflection page is my own reflection as to how I think I did with making this website. THerefore, unless you are interested in me, this section has nothing to do with Sam Hunt.